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A whispered exclamation of surprise
From my lab partner all semester.
“You look really pretty without your glasses.”
The words fall from his lips
And hit me between my eyes.
I do not see them coming
Anymore than I do the computer screen
Until I put my glasses on and blink.

The words rattle in my head
they ring in my ears
and sit in the annoying scratch on my left lens
as I stare at my spectacled reflection.

I hear only insults,
Gasps as something is just discovered,
As if my beauty is enhanced by blinding myself.
I do not look that different,
I do not become unrecognizable when I put them on,
Or take them off,
As if they are some superhero mask.

How is it though, that this supposed compliment,
Is always said with an exclamation of surprise
And new found knowledge,
Like I am not pretty with them on?
This is a poem I wrote after being rather irritated over a few things on an event that happened weeks ago.

I wear glasses, I have worn them since early elementary school. I have seen a few pictures of myself without glasses on and I think I look really really weird without them. I like the way I look with my glasses on. The number of times someone tells me I look pretty while wearing them is a zero. The scenario in the poem though usually happens to me two or three times a year.
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Submitted on
August 13, 2014